Across the globe, innovative educational programs are preparing students to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These subjects, usually called STEM, can open up new passions for students, in order to succeed in the 21st-century workforce. 

The Office of Educational Technology reviewed research literature on how technology can enrich STEM learning and created an extensive report on the impact of integrating innovative digital technology in STEM and computer science curricula and classrooms.

The first 5 ways in which teaching robotics can boost STEM learning are:

  1. Immediate and Individualized Feedback. 

Robotics provides students learning STEM skills with immediate and individualized feedback, beyond right or wrong. Programming and building the robot offers students a hands-on approach to their project, allowing them to fully understand how both hardware and software work together.

2. Science Argumentation Skills. 

Students use technology that supports science argumentation skills including presenting and evaluating evidence about scientific or mathematical claims. More than that, by using robotics, students enhance their digital literacy while also working with abstract concepts that help them get a better understanding of the professional workforce of tomorrow.

3. Design Thinking Processes

Students plan, revise, implement, and test problem solutions using robotics design processes and programming. Therefore, they enhance their thinking processes by focusing on multiple solutions rather than just the problem.

4. Computational Thinking. 

Students use robotics to formulate and analyze problems and their solutions, reason abstractly, while also automating procedures through algorithmic thinking. 

5. Real-Life Problem Solving Skills

Robotics helps students elevate understanding of problem-solving techniques and eliminate the fear of failure. Working with robotics also allows students to materialize their ideas in no time and put them to the test.

For more info about how robotics can boost STEM learning in your school and classroom, contact us! 
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  1. TechyKids
    TechyKids says:

    The blog shared clearly explains the importance of robotics in STEM learning. As we all know the growth of technology is exponentially rising & it has become an integral of our daily lives. In the earlier days, when technology was at the nascent stage teaching even the basics concepts of coding for kids was a daunting task. But as the technology evolved over the years, we can have robots, games, apps which makes learning of coding for kids lot more easier & interesting than before. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Brian Clair
    Brian Clair says:

    This course is really interesting! I’ve learnt a lot, even that I work in the field of Earth Sciences. I think every level of advancement will find something satisfying here. Teachers are talking slowly but I think this is important, especially when somebody doesn’t has elaborated language skills; if someone has, always have the option to speed up the video. Everything is explained clearly (for me, some things could be not so simplified) and for people that don’t have any background in STEM. I recommend this course a lot.


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