The Fable modular robotics system provides almost endless possibilities as a platform to extend upon with novel robotic modules, 3D printed parts and even software.
So much so, that one of the greatest challenges we face here at Shape Robotics is prioritizing which ideas to pursue, and in which order….
For the past month, I have been dedicated to one of these ideas and the prototype is beginning to look more and more like the vision we had.
We imagined a module that users can relate to on an emotional level and provide the robot with some personality – all of which can be programmed by the user!
The decision was made to create an app, meaning any smartphone is able to be the Face of your Fable robot.
Engineering challenges involve bluetooth communication, 3D animation, graphical user interface design as well as integration with our fableAPI.
Features in the pipeline is to receive motion data of the device that runs the Face app and controlling the eyes’ movement i.e. point of focus.
Working in engineering at Shape Robotics can be both challenging and rewarding. Especially implementing the Bluetooth communication for both the Fable dongle and the Fable Face has proven challenging. Fortunately, the biggest hurdles have been overcome and the Face app will soon be available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
Thank you for reading this story, brought to you by a development engineer at Shape Robotics.
Mathias Grelck Johnsen